torek, 15. maj 2018

Empty Products #31

Today I have another batch of empties ready to share, including some old favourites and also products I wasn't too impressed with.

četrtek, 03. maj 2018

Catrice Lashes To Kill Pro Instant Volume Mascara 24h Ultra Black - 10 Ultra Black

Mascaras are one of my favourite new products to try out, so I was really excited to see a new release by Catrice. Even more so, since I don't remember trying any of their mascaras in the past.  

četrtek, 05. april 2018

The Balm Girls Getaway Trio Long-Wearing Bronzer/Blush

I always get excited when I spot new releases from The Balm and mainly have positive experiences with the brand so far, so when I saw they came out with a new portable blush/bronzer trio, I quickly picked it up. 

ponedeljek, 19. februar 2018

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Brink

When I was picking and choosing among lip products to get from Colourpop I also wanted to get a deeper but wearable everyday shade and blindly picked the one called Brink, since there weren't many swatches available. I only remember seeing positive reviews for the formula of these so I was hoping it wasn't going to be a complete failure once I tried it out.